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  • Age: 23 (F); 23 (M)
  • Astrology: Cancer (F); Pisces (M)
  • Eye Color: Brown (F); Hazel (M)
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches (F); 6 feet 5 inches(M)
  • Measurements: 32C (F); 8.5in. long & 6in. round (M)
  • Smoke: Cali Tree
  • Pets: 2 Dogs, 18 Fish, 1 Snake, 1 Shrimp
  • Hobbies: Sewing, Design
  • Likes: Witty fun loving people + being spoiled by you.
  • Dislikes: Rudeness
  • Sex Toys: Tip to peek inside my sexy drawer.
  • Sex Skills: Lingerie, deep throat, POV, role/cos-play, bondage, orgasm denial, spankings, wax, breath play.
  • Kink Factor: Anything from soft sensual love making to rugged domination play. We love to get animalistic. Experimentation & trying new things comes natural, we love to satisfy unique requests.
  • RULES: I am a non-nude model & I require everyone enjoying the show to be conscious of their actions & to maintain a level of dignity within themselves. I repeat I am a non-nude model & any requests contradicting my decision not to be nude, will be put directly on the shit list.

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Blaire is inviting, sensual, & attentive. Especially with her Cudda Hunter, they love when people watch. Cudda is tall, bearded & handsome. With her ivory complexion & knotted brunette locks, her big brown eyes will pull you in. She likes when you know what you want but are respectful with your requests, tip for your amusements to be thoroughly considered. Most of the time you'll catch this sexy lingerie designer sewing, singing, or laughing herself through pleasure, If you're lucky you will see her cumming all over her huge stunt-cock "Hunter," just to milk him for everything hes got.

"Take a look in my Sexy Drawer" Mondays & Fridays between 9pm & 1am pst.

Hunter & Blaire create visual stimulation for their fans, procure a keepsake below. All videos are shot in HD to ensure best quality & clarity.

This model has individual videos available for purchase:

Patience, Rewarded - Blaire Bares All Special apology video. I have been teasing for as long as I can remember, never giving my entire body for your viewing pleasure. I plead for your forgiveness and thank you for being patient with me. Place yourself between my thighs as I finally bare all for you, get up-close & personal and massage my pussy with my fingers until I cum... yum. This is the First & Last video of my Muff, she went untouched for 7 months and became the most inviting forest... she has since been removed, & fortunately you can still find her here for some nostalgic enjoyment. ***IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE DOWNLOADING, USE INTERNET EXPLORER*** thank you!!! xoxo

for $20.00

SnowFox OmmmNomNom I love when you put your juicy bigness all over my mouth...

for $10.00

SnowAngel Snow Frolicking Finger Play. winter, here I cum. Too bad theres no screen cap for the little booty shake I do, Hunter says its MMMhHHmmm delicious.

for $10.00

Visit to the Dr A short & silly strip tease correlating to my "Bandages" photo-set. Just getting nude for the Dr!

for $2.00 is shutting down in 6 days on August 27! Read more..